We met 23 years ago when we were both hired by the same theatre company. After meeting, we have been together performing and creating artistically. We appreciate all forms of art… David is a dancer/choreographer/teacher trained in the Balanchine technique, a violinist, singer, actor/director. Roberta is a painter, singer, actor/director/acting coach. Together, they have their production company, Tzigane Arts Productions. Presently, however, their creative energies are invested in the art gallery.

One of our dreams always had to do with owning our living and working space in one building. A place where we could be creative and that would give back to community. We found that space at 118 S. Chadbourne, San Angelo, Texas.

Our intention with the Monk Art Gallery and Wine Bar is to bring interesting and innovative art to San Angelo. The art we will offer will often be local artists but will include artist outside the state and country as well. The desire is to introduce art not often seen in small galleries. Roberta is an enthusiastic fan of “outsider art”; which will often be on display.

Look to our calendar to see what is coming next.